Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie, America's Oldest Candy Company

The company dates back to 1806, when an English woman named Spencer was shipped wrecked and ended up in Salem. When her neighbors learned that Mrs. Spencer knew how to make candy they all got together and purchased for her a barrel of sugar. Her first candy was the "Salem Gibralter," said to be the first candy made and sold commercially in America and carried around the world by sea captains and their crew.

She originally sold her candy on the steps of the First Church but as the candies popularity grew she started selling to the surrounding towns by horse and wagon.
When Mrs. Spencer died her son carried on the business until about 1830. Her son decided to return to England and the company was then sold to a John William Pepper. John Pepper added Black Jack (an all natural stick candy made from black strap molasses).

Chocolate Cashew Turtle

It's great!!! So great that Oprah features it on her website.


  1. The sweet shop was glorious! Just as you'd imagine a victorian sweetie shop - flowered wallpaper and all!

  2. I am wondering if that Black Jack candy was like toolum?

  3. Nothing like it. The turtle was chocolate an caramel with cashews. Similar only in so far as I adore them both!