Friday, January 1, 2010

Dec.31st 2009. THE BALL DROP.

photo Mariel Brown

We braved the throngs of revelers making their way in from
8th ave and 56th in one degree weather to see the ball drop.
The hundreth annivesary of NYC New Year's Eve celebrations.
According to Mariel this was like a Carnival fete, with more people,
cold weather and some snow.

(all smiles) photo Mariel Brown

We finally settled in at 5oth and Broadway in between
some Trinidadians and some folks from Missouri,
whose daughter was going to turn 18 at midnight.
(The rather bubbly young lady gave us a countdown every 15mins til the ball drop.)

From our vantage point we could see the ball and the Toshiba Screen
beneath it that kept counting down the hours, as well as
different performances. We saw J-Lo in a see thru cat suit.
How the hell did she manage that in such cold weather?

photo Richard Rawlins

Did I mention it was cold?

Well it wasn't that cold at first.
One degree weather isn't cold. Of course it started snowing/sleet/light raining an there was bit of a slight breeze. We were out there from 8 p.m., so it eventually took its toll.

I like most of the crowd cuddled up and started dancing /wining/slash vibrating to the music pumping from the speaker truck behind us.

photo Richard Rawlins (no more smile)

Mariel's toes started getting numb somewhere around 10.30 p.m.
The sleet thing got a little worse and we were a little wet but determined to stick it out.

I was really cold. I was just dancing, and holding onto Mariel.

Then the weather cleared. All the umbrellas came down and
we were into the final hour. We no longer cared about the cold.
We were making good on individual promises to ourselves to experience this event.

This was to make up for Dec.31st 1999 when Mariel couldn't find her friend Alicia at this same intersection and gave up, and went home. This was for me who couldn't get a flight changed Dec. 31st 2008 and brought in the New Year with cheap wine in a plastic glass courtesy of Caribbean Airlines staff at JFK. We were here and we were doing this! We made it! WOW!

We were into the final seconds of 2009. (rmr)













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