Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zooming through the Met.

We were on holiday. And when I'm on holiday I completely reject any attempts to make plans that require sticking to a schedule and a time. So, Marlon spent a day drifting around Manhattan with Richard and I. First we hit the AIGA: the professional association for design where there was an exhibit of new design and on the second floor, Milton Glaser's work. There were also some very comfortable couches there, so we ended up having one of those long talks about dreams and hopes.

Then the plan was to spend several hours in the Met. But lunch, chatting and drifting got in the way, so we arrived at the Met with an hour and change to spare.

One of my favourite places at the Met is the Temple of Dendur. the temple is housed in a huge glass conservatory, and it's surrounded by water. Harry and Sally dreevayed through it in "when Harry Met Sally", and I visit that room everytime I go to the Met. The problem is, I never make it to anywhere else in the museum. Museum back always prevails, and that feeling of needing to escape no matter what! takes over.

So on this trip, I zoomed Richard and Marlon through the Temple room (made easier by the fact that most of it was protected by velvet ropes - there must have been a party planned for that night) and headed over to the Modern art section. To get there, where passed Roman history, as well as an incredible room displaying the art of Oceania - really spectacular. And of course, the Modern Art didn't disappoint. My favourites were the collection of Georgia O'Keefes (which, till then, I'd only seen in books) as well as some sensational Warhols.