Friday, March 11, 2011

A tiny bit of beach on the way to Pigeon Point

Over the course of my life, I must have driven down the road to Pigeon Point hundreds of times.  You know, the beach facilities are quite a way in, and you have to pass by various little stalls selling sarongs and carved calabashes.  Never, at least I don't think so, have I stopped at the beautiful stretch of beach that leads up to Pigeon Point - the part that's free!

Richard and I have been in Tobago for the best part of a week now, and in an attempt to reverse a terrible mistake we made by heading over to Store Bay on Ash Wednesday (all hundreds of people, boom boxes and girls wining on the beach included) I looked across the bay and saw an almost empty stretch of beach.  I told Richard that's where we should go.  And so we did.

Well, behold a pristine little beach, with a shallow reef so it's relatively calm, lots of trees you can sit under for shade, and almost the best part - it was quiet and near!

Here are some of the pictures I snapped there today.

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