Sunday, November 14, 2010

The High Line!

The weather in New York is freakishly beautiful and warm right now. So, without getting too morose about climate change and that fact that it's been 16 degrees in November, Richard and I have been doing lots of outdoors things since we got to New York. And on Friday, we went to the High Line Park.

High Line is the repurposed H-line - a train line built in the 1930s to lift freight traffic off the streets of Manhattan. Starting way over on the West Side, just below Chelsea, the line runs above ground. It's been out of use for years, and could have just remained a derelict junk pile or been demolished. But in 1999, a group of concerned citizens formed "Friends of the High Line", which lobbied for protection of the historic line. The resulting High Line Park, is a collaboration between the group, the city of New York and some brilliant architects.

Richard and I were in bliss - the beautiful day and glowing autumn light, the pampas grasses and yellowing leaves, the incredible urban design and re-purposing of an unused site.

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